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If you
are seeking healing that you thought could never happen – OR to become a Professional Isis healer OR to become a Professional Angel Miracles Psychic please do read on....

Here you can start to understand the mysteries of the spirit world, find great inner peace through our meditation and attunement processes PLUS heal your physical, emotional and spiritual body through our Isis Mystery School courses and Isis Mysteries Healing Consultations.

We also can help you to CREATE MIRACLES in your life through the unique energies and teachings of Hamied, Archangel of Miracles, and our Angel Miracles courses.

Elisabeth Jensen was once a Registered Nurse, Midwife and Community Health Nurse. Like many of her patients she lived a life of great pain and sadness till she was healed by the Angel Hamied …and later by ISIS. Now Elisabeth lives a life of great joy and travels the world to spread the love, miracles and powerful healing energies gifted to her.

Elisabeth combines her love of all things spiritual with much research and study and has trained many practitioners and teachers in her healing system in Australia, Asia, USA, Japan and UK.

Psychics, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Spiritual Healers and Teachers need to study formally too…

ISIS Mystery School offers this unique professional level training to create practitioners of great integrity and remarkable abilities.
Read more about our School In Adelaide & Practitioners here

Download the Angel Miracles course information brochure here
Download the Isis Mystery School course information brochure here

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Watch Elisabeth Jensen
in an informal video Q & A where she
discusses her self and her wonderful course content


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